Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Hotel experience, such a great experience

Wanted to write this blog to show that different hotels and different hotel chains can result in such a different hotel experience. We are once again at a hotel and this time have been experiencing such a different level of care for the guests.
This trip started out with me booking our hotel online for a three night stay, which is what we figured would be enough of a time away from home for a bit of a vacation. Before heading out, we thought about it and decided to see if we could add another night to the reservation. This change was done just over a week before we headed out for our trip. I checked the rate online and then decided to call the hotel directly to see if I could modify my reservation and the call went extremely well, and I was quoted the same rate as I was seeing online, so we decided to extend our vacation. The person on the phone was very friendly and answered all the questions that I had without any attitude, which made me happy. I even called back to see what type of coffee maker was in the room, and he went into a room to find that information out for me. I did ask for his name, as I wanted to be able to thank him in person for the attention I was given when I called in.
When we arrived at the hotel, this same person was working, so he was able to assist us with our check in, and he even thanks me for being a member of their hotel program. The overall check in process went very smoothly, including him letting us know that our room was on the second floor and to turn left after exiting the elevator. That little bit of extra care that is taken, and it makes it so much easier knowing which way to go to get to your room.

All the staff that we have encountered through our stay have been very friendly and helpful. The room was nice and clean and all the bathroom items were in stock and available to use. We were also told that if we needed anything, not to hesitate to contact the front desk.

We did encounter a small issue, and it was with our television as we weren't able to get the Sportsnet, so we let the front desk know. The service we received as the front desk staff came up to the room and reconnected all the television connections to ensure everything was right. He said if that didn't work, he would call the service provider right away to get it looked into. The reconnecting everything worked, and we were able to watch the baseball games.

This experience really showed me why I am a member of this hotel's reward membership program. They care about the guests and make sure that you have a wonderful stay without worrying about things. I know that we will continue to stay with this hotel chain, and we will be returning to this hotel again.

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