Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Too many t-shirts

When you go to conferences, especially those with vendors and a vendor area, you will discover that one of the items that are given away will be t-shirts. Of course, these t-shirts are going to be advertising the company that you got it from but for some people, it’s free, so I need to have it.

Yes, what is interesting is seeing how many t-shirts you can get at a single conference, because you could possibly come home from a two-day even with enough t-shirts to last you for over a week and that is wearing each t-shirt for only one day. T-shirts are also interesting because there are so many different qualities of shirts. We have received t-shirts at conferences that are nice, and you want to wear them quite a bit and then there are the t-shirts that you wear a couple of times and then they either stretch out of shape or wholes start to appear.

For us, we don’t get a lot of the t-shirts that are being given out because over the wears we have got quite a few, and we will only wear t-shirts that apply to what we do for our business. We have been to some events, and you can watch some attendees just grab all the different t-shirts because it means that they don’t have to purchase as many t-shirts to wear in the summer months.

Yes, t-shirts do some in handy and have those t-shirts that you can wear when you are working around the house and don’t want to ruin a good t-shirt are nice. I have received t-shirts that I could wear as a night shirt because they are either extra-large or even extra-extra-large and given, I only wear a medium t-shirt they are extremely large on me. We will talk to the vendors that we want to talk to and if they happen to have a t-shirt that we think we might wear, we will accept it, but we will not stop at a vendor for no reasons besides just getting the t-shirt.  I have too many t-shirts, and I need to ensure that I only have enough t-shirts that will fit in one section of my dresser.

T-shirts are ok, as a giveaway but remember you don’t need every t-shirt from every vendor that is at each show because you are going to be seeing these same vendors at multiple shows through the year. Yes, I will wear some vendor t-shirts but we both don’t need any more t-shirts so it’s time to go through those shirts and maybe say goodbye to some of those older shirts.

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