Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Welcome to 2024

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. The year on the calendar has changed, but other than that not much else as changed in the world. For me, I am now going to see if I can continue to get my blogs written on a regular basis, as that does make me happy. My blogs are a means of sharing some of the things that I like and that bother me.

This coming year, I hope that I can try and do some more education on the things that I enjoy. I hope to be able to write some more blogs around my hobbies, as well as travels and career things that are important to me. I know that I have a long list of blogs that I would like to write, so I just need to ensure that I can continue to get them written and share them with you.

The fun part about my blog is I don’t have a set list of blogs that I am going to write in a certain order. I write the blog that I feel like writing, and I then schedule it and maybe reschedule something else. My blogs can happen at various times and sometimes a few are written in a day or two and other times it can take me a while to get even one blog written.

I hope that you will enjoy what I am going to be writing about in 2024. My list of ideas is long, and it keeps changing based on everything that is going on around me. So, now that the calendar is changed, and we have started a new year, I hope to get lots of blogs written and posted.

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