Tuesday, February 13, 2024

25 Years

 To look back on the last 25 years, I can say that things have changed a lot and some things happened for the right reasons. On this day 25 years ago, I was at a party for some friends that had been on a trip to India. It was close to where I lived, so it meant that I could walk over to the party. I went after hearing that the person that invited me didn’t think I would be attending, even after I said I would go.

So, as you can probably guess, I went to the party and had a pretty good time. What I hadn’t plan on happening is meeting someone at the party who was also a guest. I ended up dating this individual later that year thanks to the guy that invited me to the party, giving this other guy my phone number.

The guy that I started dating was wonderful and someone that made me feel special, and to this day he still makes me feel special. After a couple of years of dating, we decided to get married and have been happily married for almost 23 years now. So yes, an invitation to a party ended up changing my life in such a good way. I got to spend time with some people that I didn’t know, and I met the guy that would later on become my husband.

As I look back 25 years, I hadn’t planned on meeting someone at this party, but I am really glad that I did. I found my partner who I love and cherish.

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  1. But have you learned to actually accept 'business' cards given to you at such events, and leave the mental processing until later, rather than later hoping for a reconnection?