Thursday, May 29, 2014

Being a business owner

Being a co-owner of a business can be an interesting job. There are days when you know what you are going to be doing and then days that your plans change. The other issue with being a co-owner is you also deal with the different issues that normally other people in a company deal with. When there are issues, sometimes there is no one else that can handle it, so you are required to do that as well as the other things on your plate.
Having the ability to be flexible does really help. There are days that you have to drop everything just to deal with an emergency, and other days that everything seems to run very smoothly. I have had times that there are a couple of emergencies happening at once, so it means that we are both involved trying to deal with both of them.
The other big thing about being a co-owner is there are several various jobs and responsibilities that come with the job. I know that in some cases I am the HR, Marketing, Accounting and Sales department all at once. The other job of being the writer for the company is something that I do most of the time. Yes, all the functions of the company are being performed by two people, so you juggle the tasks when each of you have the time or at least need to get something done. Knowing that I can work at different times of the day does help because it means that if I am dealing with client issues during the day, I can still work in the evening on the business side.
Being a co-owner of a business can be a very challenging but rewarding job. You see the good parts of the job, and you also see so many of the other issues that so many people take for granted.

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