Saturday, May 31, 2014

Having a hobby

For most people, having a hobby is a means of spending a bit of time in the evenings or on the weekend doing something different from what they do for their job.
I am one of those people because I do enjoy my time away from the work life and can spend my evenings or bits of free time curled up crafting. I am a crafter who enjoys learning new techniques. My prime love is the needle crafts of knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitch. I can do a few other things and have tried quite a few of them.
I will make jewellery or draw when I have the time to focus on something like that. Both hobbies require a bit more time because you need to set stuff up before you can start doing anything. The jewellery making can be fun, especially if you can leave supplies out for a few days and then pick up and work on things for a few minutes at a time.
The needle crafts that I do can normally be done without a lot of set-up time so those are the projects that are worked on when time is limited, or I don’t have the energy to get other things out. I normally do have a few projects that are at various stages so that I can work on something when the time is there. My needle crafts, especially the knitting and crocheting, are my way of stitching my mind back together at the end of a very busy day. This is how I mediate, and I know that I need that time after doing the various projects that I work on.
A hobby can be exercising, reading, watching TV or just spending times with others. Not everyone is the same or has the same hobbies, and that is great. If everyone did the same hobbies, life would be boring.
A hobby should be something that you enjoy doing. A hobby shouldn’t feel like work because then it becomes a job, and it is no longer fun.

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