Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Juggling various projects

So many of us deal with the same projects on and off and that is the juggling of various projects at the same time.

Of course, with work there always seems to be too many things that need to be accomplished and just not enough time to get everything done. The juggling of the projects can simply be the various emails that appear that need to be dealt with or it can be various projects that are all needing our attention at the same time.

I do juggle a number of work projects all the time and there are instances where I don't feel like I am getting anywhere with any of them. When this happens I know that the best thing I can do is sit back and look at them and figure out some of the small tasks that need to be completed and get them out of the way. By simply getting some of the small tasks done it gets me wanting to see more of the projects moved along and it gets a lot easier to deal with.

Now, the other juggling that I do is with my own time because as a crafter there are always a lot of different projects being worked on at once. There are some crafter's that can only have one project on the go at once but that sure isn't me. I currently don't even want to count all the projects that I have on the go because it would be quite a few. My crafting projects are all at different stages because then I can work on them when I have different amounts of times to allocate to the.

The juggling of all the various projects does take some time and it can also add some unnecessary stress to our lives when things get a little hard to deal with. Perhaps my to-do-list can sometimes look rather long and that is because I break down a lot of my projects into a lot of detail. The detail is how I can juggle everything and at least see a bit of progress on the projects. I also set the milestones that I want to achieve to ensure that I can try and keep the focus that I need to get everything done.

As a project manager being able to see the various little things that can get done does help me juggle all the tasks for all the projects. The juggle will continue but at least I am finding methods that can help me continue to get things moved a little further ahead.

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