Thursday, September 24, 2015

Managing others

There are a number of ways to manage others and some are good and others don't work. Of course, it does depend on the individuals involved.

When managing others one of the biggest things is to figure out how to keep the individual busy but don't hover over them and keep checking up on them. People like to know that you trust them to get the work done. Also, make it clear to the person that if they run into problems or have any questions that are you there to assist them. One of the biggest things is as a manager you need to ensure that your staff is busy but you also have to ensure that you are getting your own work done.

One of the worst things you can do when managing someone is continually checking up on them to make sure they are getting stuff done. Of course, there is always the challenge of not checking up enough on an individual so that they feel they can do whatever they want. At first, you will always have to be around to assist the new individual but once you see that they can do the various tasks you need to step back a bit and let them do it.

Managing others is always a trick because until you know what the person can and cannot do you will need to manage one way and then later change how you manage. Staff want to know that you trust them and they in turn will trust you and will come to you when they have problems.

For the manager there is always the risk of someone above you not liking your management style. Everyone has their own ways to manage and that needs to be understood. You can't tell someone to stop hovering over staff one day and then tell them they aren't doing a good job at managing the same people the next day. If you see something that can be improved in a way someone manages you can make suggestions but that's it. Managing others is always a challenge but trust is one of the biggest things that you need to establish.

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