Thursday, March 17, 2016

Editing work

There are times when we all need to work on editing work of someone else or even ourselves.

As someone that works with others for my documents, that is something that I do quite often. It can be a challenge sometimes to figure out what someone is saying or really meaning when they write something, even when it has past the spell checker. There are the times when the words are missing to complete a thought and you need to figure out what that thought really was.

Another challenge can be editing work that was done quite a few years ago and now it is being inserted into a new document. The way something was explained years ago can be different than how it would be explained now so you have to spend the time rewording the work that was done previously.

Recently I have been working on editing a memory book and it has been very enjoyable and sometimes a little challenging. This document is now around 110 pages and there have been quite a few people involved in the gathering of information to get this book completed. Once all the information was gathered it was trying to figure out a format that would work best and really communicate what we were trying to show. This is where the fun for me came in, because I was the one with the ultimate goal of getting the book into a format that would work both published as a pdf (on the internet) and also something that could be printed. The end result is a document that will be saved two different ways as the printed version will have a few blank pages while the online version won't have these pages.

The challenge with editing this book was making sure that all the margins and spacing were the same through the entire book. It is now going through it's final review and I think we have finally made sure that all the margins and spacing are the same.

Editing work can be an interesting job because it gives you a chance to try different things to see how it looks before the final decision is made. The editing of the memory book involved a few redo's as the layouts that I thought were going to work didn't work so I had to change my thought process and rethink how something would be done.

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