Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Juggling tasks

There are days when juggling multiple projects or tasks can seem a little overwhelming.

It is amazing how some days juggling multiple projects can seem so challenging. For most of us in the IT field we are normally handling more than one task or project at a time. The juggling of the tasks can be a standard thing for most of us but there are days that it can feel a little overwhelming. Things that can impact a schedule can be a result of some one else making a major mistake.

Recently, I received an email thanking me for registering for a webinar. The webinar was the next day and no I hadn't registered for it. After that email I then got the link about how to connect to the webinar the next day. Within half an hour after this I then received an email reminding me about the webinar. All of this was extremely frustrating because I hadn't heard anything about the webinar prior forgetting the original thanks for registering for the event. I decided that after all of this it was important to let the company know that they were doing something that was very wrong. One of the emails I received had a person's name so I emailed and let them know how frustrated I was with this entire event. Shortly after my email I received an apology email from someone else from the company taking ownership for the problem. What made this situation over was I also received a phone call from this same person again to apologize for the entire situation.

Yes, I ended up having to juggle an additional issue/task that wasn't on my plate at the beginning of the day. I could have just ignored the webinar emails but I wanted to ensure that the company understood there was an issue they needed to handle. The other thing about these emails is I have noticed this seems to be happening more and more. We are getting more of these emails thanking us for registering for webinars that we haven't even heard about. I know that when I register for a webinar I immediately put it on my calendar so I know about it.

We all juggle multiple tasks/projects each day and managing them is very important. The other thing that is important is making sure that we are also making sure that others realize when they have done something wrong. It may mean adding to the juggling for a little bit but it may solve a problem that could reoccur in the future if left un-managed.

So if you are responsible for managing webinars and such for your company remember, it is better to just email people about a webinar and let them register. If you send you the pre-registered messages you may lose more people than you realize. Yes, juggling projects are important but I am the one that needs to juggle my webinar attendance not someone else.

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