Tuesday, June 21, 2016


A schedule can mean so many different things to working individuals. A schedule can mean that at a certain time you always do something. For other people a schedule can mean that at some point during a day you will attempt to get something done.

For people that are self employed a schedule can actually just be a guideline of things that should be done. Knowing that things should be done on a given day is great in a lot of ways as it can ensure that it is at least done when it is needed to be done.

The calendar that I have been using is very helpful as a reminder of when things should be done. Of course, there will always been things that are required to be done at a certain time like client meetings or visits but those are only some of the things that we have been adding to our calendar. The calendar that we have been using makes it easy to see when things are due and when meetings and such are. The calendar is also great as a means of tracking all of those other little things that need to be completed.

For us, a calendar is a great way to remind ourselves of the little things that also need to be done without having to do it at a specific time. The calendar that we have been using is the Google calendar and it means that we can set appointments for ourselves for all the various tasks and meetings that we have. The other nice thing about the calendar is if you set a reminder notification to appear it will appear and until you acknowledge the notification it doesn’t go away. I like this notification because what I do is if something need to be done on a specific day I will not acknowledge the notification until I have completed the item. This means that if I get busy and don’t get to the item until late afternoon or evening it will still be showing as an appointment.

Schedules really do vary based on the person and their job. There are always going to be the items that must be done at a specific time as they involve others. Being able to set up the appointments are reminders of the other tasks is also good because it means then the tasks are not forgotten when you get busy.

Recently we were at an event and we were talking to someone else but a possible demo and I was able to pull out our calendar and see when we would have the time to see the demo. Sure some of the items on the calendar where just the five or 10 minute tasks but at least it helped us focus on the days when we currently didn’t have a bunch of those reminders already scheduled.

Schedules will vary for each person and if it is for work or personal. Knowing what words best for you is important. The method that we use I know works well for us because it is a blend of both personal and business as being self-employed that is our life. Making sure that we have time for ourselves is also important and that is some of the times that are actual scheduled on the calendar that we use. Our schedule works well for us and that is great and it might not work for someone else. Your schedule or calendar has to work for you and don’t like others tell you that your method is wrong.

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