Monday, July 4, 2016

Knowing when to slow down

I think everyone has times when they realize that they have just been going too fast and need to slow down a little bit otherwise they are going to run out of energy.

It seems like there are so many things that are demanding our time and energy that we forget that we also need to slow down sometimes to relax and recharge that personal battery. Mobile devices mean that we are always or almost always connected and within reach of others. The demands seem to be never ending and that can make it a challenge sometimes to actually relax.

I am finding that even on weekends now that vendors are sending out emails to get our attention. Vendor emails should only be sent out during the week but that is another blog entry on it’s own. The number of emails that you can see on the weekend even from friends and family can keep you very busy. Social media on it’s own can also make a big difference on how you interact and there are times you just need to disconnect from that as well.

Slowing down can mean just sitting and ignoring the demands on the mobile device or even turning it off for a while. Slowing down can also mean picking up a good book and sitting and reading that for a while even when there are other things that are demanding your time. Making sure that you know how to slow down and what works for you is important. Slowing down is something that is very important otherwise you will end up burning yourself out and not be good to anyone.

So many people say that they can just keep working and they don’t need to take time to themselves but they end up being ordered to take the time when it could be the worst time for them to do it. Slowing down a bit at a time and at time when your schedule sort of allows for it is important. No, it may not be the ideal time to sit and read a book or sit and watch the world go by for a couple of hours but sometimes it is what is needed. Making sure that you taken even an hour a day to just enjoy doing something for yourself is very important. Work is always going to be there so it means that sometimes it is just going to have to wait a little bit to ensure you have the energy to do it.

Know when you need to slow down and realize that not everyone is going to be happy but it is important to look after yourself. Slowing down just for a little while can make sure a big difference on how you handle things so remember that. If you can slow down a little bit at a time it is better than having a doctor tell you that you must slow down and you have no choice.

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