Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gym Renewal

It has now been one year since we starting to go to the gym and work out as often as we can. For the last little while we haven’t been going very often but hopefully once the weather cools down a little bit we will get back to going.

Membership tag
Our membership was for one year so we figured that considering we joined on August 12th it was time to go and renew our membership. I am glad that we knew the date that we joined because we didn’t receive any type of notification letting us know that our membership was coming to an end. Yes, there is an option where Fit4Less will take money out of your bank account every two weeks if you select that option but we didn’t do that. We paid the up front membership for a year and that included a joining fee.

We went into the gym on the 12th of August again this year to renew our membership only to discover a few things that seem to be inefficient for a company like Fit4Less. For the first thing not letting members know that their membership is about to elapse wasn’t good and something that I feel they need to improve on. Now when we went into our local gym there were a few more issues that I don’t blame the local gym about but the business as a whole.

To renew our membership we were required to complete the paper work that we did a year ago all over again. Yes, this is like joining the gym for a second time. The system doesn’t even allow the employees to just click a renew button on a membership but they have to re-enter all the information all over again. Yes, this is now a new membership because we paid our balance all at once. The new membership includes a joining fee because that is the cost of the key tag and being set up in the system. I cannot believe that after being with a gym for a year we were charged the joining fee for a second time. If this is the way that the gym operates it means that they will be losing members because people will either forget to renew or refuse to pay the joining fee each year.

The two of us have paid our membership for the year up front so that it means that if we decide not to go Fit4Less doesn’t have to collect the cancellation fee for the remainder of the year commitment. Fit4Less also has the reduced cost of not having to set up a process where the transaction is done on a bi-weekly schedule increasing their costs. The only benefit of doing the bi-weekly transaction would have been that we didn’t have the joining fee but have the increased our banking fees.

I am extremely disappointed about how the renewal of the gym membership was handled by Fit4Less but don’t blame the local gym. They can only do what the corporation tells them they can do. The process needs to improve otherwise Fit4Less is going to have some extremely upset former members.

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