Monday, August 15, 2016

Return to the Muskoka Chair

An inviting Muskoka chair
I wrote quite a while ago about sitting in the Muskoka chair and that I would return to it soon. I have returned to the chairs since then but never sat down and wrote about it again and not sure why.

The Muskoka chair is a very comfortable chair where you can sit back and let the world go by around you and let all the things that are bothering you just disappear. Of course, the things that are bothering you don’t disappear really but it gives you the tie to relax and think about the activity that is going on around you instead of everything else. The best spots for a Muskoka chair is either on a dock or at least facing some water.

The chair when it is sitting there empty looks so inviting and of course how can I refuse that invitation. The chair this time was in Huntsville, Ontario in Town Dock Park and it was overlooking Muskoka River which meant for some nice relaxing time. Being able to sit and watch some of the various water vessels go by was nice and something that we both enjoyed. The chair is very welcoming and it gives you the break from the rest of the world even if it is only for a little while.

The view 
My Muskoka chair gave me a little bit of time where I could just sit and relax and dream. I dreamt of being able to sit and write for hours while looking at the view that I had. Maybe one day soon I will return to this very chair and write for hours and let the world go on around me while I sit and dream. The view is something that is also important because a Muskoka chair can be in a lot of different places but over looking a lake or river gives you a view and a place where you can escape from all the normal things we see.

The Muskoka chair is now empty again and I am back working on my projects that need my attention. I will return to that Muskoka chair to dream very soon,.

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