Thursday, August 4, 2016

Your music

As someone that writes, quite a bit, my music is something that is extremely important to me.

I have known people that like listen to heavy metal when they are writing and then there are a lot of people that don’t want to hear anything so that they can focus on getting the words down. For me, I am one of those that likes listen to easy listening music such as The Tenors and Il Divo. I have a bunch of the music as mp3’s on my computer so that if I am somewhere that I don’t have my entire collection I have at least some of my music so that I can lose myself in writing. The other thing that is very important to me is having a good pair of headphones that blocks out a lot of the noises around me.

The type of music that works for you is very important and may even vary depending on the task. Knowing if it works or not can make a big difference when you are trying to do something. For me, listening to a radio when I am trying to write doesn’t work as I find the voices can be extremely distracting when I am trying to write. If I want to just sit and listen to music and browse on the internet the radio is something that does work for me.

The music that works for each person varies and it can also vary depending your mood. I know that there are even times when I will sit and listen to some of my country music because that is what helps me focus on the tasks that I want to complete. The tasks can also help you figure out the type of music that will work for you on a given day.

Making sure that when you are in the mood to do something, that you have the right music for that task, is important. There is music that is great for exercising, some good for working to and then there is the music that is just great for relaxing with. The music can set the mood that will help you accomplish what you are needing to do and can make a big difference to the environment that you want to establish.

Having music available can be very important especially when you work in various locations. I have found that making sure that I have my music and some headphones with me can mean the difference between getting something done and not getting anything done. Sitting and being able to enjoy some of the various bits of music can be such a good thing. If you have music that you like and it can help you get various tasks done then it is worth making sure that you have it available when you have that task to do. Your music is for you and knowing what works for you is important and not letting what others say impact you.  If you listen to your music when you are doing your work as long as your music isn’t impacting what other people are trying to do than it is your music.

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