Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 in review and 2017 goals

I am sitting here looking back at 2016 and seeing what I accomplished and am now trying to figure out the goals for 2017.  I am happy with what I was able to accomplish and look forward to seeing what I can do in 2017.

2016 goals
1. Blog a minimum of four times each month. - total number of blogs written in 2016 was 107
2. Get home office area organized – ongoing process
3. Continue to get material up on the DLK Life website – still working on improving the website
4. Release two cross-stitch patterns under DLK Life label – released the Butterfly pattern and did quite a bit of designing but no other patterns were released in 2016.
5. Write more for Konecny Consulting and/or DLK Life – did some writing for Konecny Consulting and will continue this.
6. Continue to write every day – wrote every day in 2016 and actually have written for 1104 continuous days which is just over 3 years without missing a day.

I am going to continue to try and write every day as I find that it does help me keep a focus and actually help me accomplish other tasks. My writing is where I can express things and no one else sees that part of what I write. My blog is what makes me very happy and I look forward to continuing to work on getting more blog entries written.

2017 Goals
1. Blog a minimum of 4 times a month
2. Get DLK Life website updated and keep it updated.
3. Keep home office organized
4. Write more for Konecny Consulting and DLK Life

I am not sure what 2017 has in store but I know that I am going to be working on my writing as much as I can and will see what happens with it. I continue to have some personal goals that I want to achieve but again I will not post them on my blog.

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