Thursday, January 19, 2017

Date Night

Yes, dates still are a good thing for married couples even when you work together.

My husband and I decided that it was time for us to have a date again. Yes, we still try and do this every once in a while. The date can be a nice dinner out or it can be a movie, it all depends on our mood. This time we decided to go to a movie and for me to experience the VIP movie theater instead of the normal theater.

One of our biggest challenges for a date night is actually finding a day when it is going to work for us and also not impact the work that we are doing for our clients. It means that we end up planning a number of them and then they end up getting rescheduled do to work or other parts of our life changing the plans. I think most married couples face these same challenges because of work and home life.

We were finally able to plan a day where we could go to a movie and decided that the VIP theater was going to be a treat for the two of us. One for me as I had never been to one and one for my husband because he had only been there alone a couple of times. The experience is very different and something that I would consider as a treat for when you are having that special date and need something special. The theater we went to was just a VIP theater and not attached to the regular theater like a lot of them are.

Upon arrival at the theater you do see a difference is the dress of the staff and how you are also welcomed. The VIP theaters are for 18 years of age and over and that is because they are licensed and to ensure everyone is of the legal drinking age it makes it easier for the servers. There is a lounge available before and after the movie with a nice variety of foods and drink that are available for purchase. Besides the menu that is in the lounge there is also a menu for in the theater and there are servers there as well before the movie starts. The seats are also a nice bonus because they are wider than the normal theater seat with more leg room and then between very pair of seats there is an arm rest that can be pushed back out of the way so that you can curl up with your date.

The experience was something that I have to say that I really enjoyed. It was very different to be sitting in a theater and being able to enjoy a glass of wine while watching a movie. Normally the glass of wine is something that can be enjoy at dinner either before or after the movie or while watching a movie at home.

Is the VIP experience something that I would do all the time, no it isn’t. The experience is a nice treat but for most of the movies that are out I would say that I will still go to the normal theater for most of them. The VIP theater is going to be the spot that we are going to use for those special times when we really need to escape and feel very special while enjoying a movie.

Our date night was wonderful and I am happy that we were able to find the time to do this. We are already talking about when we are going to go out on another date and what we are going to do next time. A date night doesn’t have to be a dinner or a movie, it can be something as simple as going out and have a break from the normal routine. What you do on your date is up to you but it is a nice to spend that time with your partner and let the rest of the world just wait a bit for your attention.

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