Thursday, April 6, 2017

The sounds of birds

I think we all love the sounds of birds at some point but after you have heard them for hours and hours they start to get to you. The reason I am complaining about the sound of the birds is because some birds have found a spot for a nest in the moulding beside my office window.

The moulding that they have found wasn’t capped off due to a renovation that is ongoing on the outside of the building. The moulding will be capped once all the windows have been replaced and I am now looking forward to that happening. At first the sound of the birds was nice when they first were around and I could see them on the window ledge for a couple of seconds. It is interesting some times looking out the window and there is a bird looking back at me. Now that I am listening to them from morning to night I have to admit that I am getting extremely frustrated with the birds.

It has been interesting watching them fly back and forth and I guess that is because there have been some babies also in the nest. The sound varies during the day and part of that is when they are around a little more and sometimes I am not sure how many birds are in this area because the sound does get pretty loud. You can make noise right at the window and that doesn’t seem to change the birds that are around so will see what happens when they do the actual windows and close off this area. My only hope is that the birds have gotten old enough to leave the nest before this happens and I think that might be what happens.

Until the young ones have left the nest I am going to be listening to the sound of the birds for a while longer. Hopefully I will be able to deal with the sound because after a couple of days when you are trying to focus on things the chirping starts to get to you. A bird can be nice to hear for a few minutes at a time but after a while the sound will get to you and just walking away helps me deal with it.

A nest should be in a tree not in a moulding of a building but a lot of birds do that because they feel safer because they can’t be seen by other birds and especially the hawks that are around. So until the windows are replaced and the moulding it capped I will be listening to the sound of a bunch of birds as I sit at my desk and try and work.

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