Friday, April 14, 2017

When the silly things happen

There are times when things happen and all you can do is laugh.

Over the last little while my husband and I have found times to just stand and laugh when sometime happens which wasn’t expected. A lot of these laughs are due to little situations that happened and yes you could get upset about them happening but then it is just easier to laugh it off and see the funny side of the problem.

The situations I am talking about are getting yourself blocked into an area after saying that you are going to be very careful while cleaning up to not block yourself in. Sure enough you are working on the cleaning up and not thinking about the path that you are going to need to get out of an area until you realize that you have blocked yourself in and will need help to clean the spot that you just blocked. I think we have all done things like this and we will do it again even when you try your best not to do it.

Other situations are the simple little things that happen when you are both in the kitchen and trying to get things done but the lid lands in bowl instead of on the counter or the peanut butter jar lands on the toast that you have just put the peanut butter on. Sure a lot of the situations happen and they aren’t expected and you could get upset about what happened but in a lot of ways it is better to just see the humour in the situation and move on. In a lot of cases the reason you laugh is because of the other person’s reaction which is normally that of surprise of what has just happened.

I don’t know how many times either my husband or I have done something and the reaction is why the other person starts to laugh. Of course, the laughter ends up causing both of us to laugh because after the reaction you then also see the silly part of the situation and laugh along with the person that has witnessed the issue happen.

Having the ability to laugh at the times that happen around you is important. Sure you don’t laugh when something happens and someone is injured or when the outcome isn’t that nice. Being able to laugh at the little situations helps everyone as laughter is good medication and I think we need to be able to laugh a little bit more.

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