Thursday, February 4, 2016

Me Too!

These simple two words can mean so much when you are talking to someone else. The words “Me Too” can show you that you are not alone in dealing with something. It can also be the support that you need to face a challenge a little easier.

The first step is you have to admit something before you can hear these words “Me Too” and that does take a lot of strength and courage. I have heard those words when I needed them the most and they have really helped me face something that I have been dealing with in the past. “Me Too” is something people can say when they want to admit something but can't find the words themselves to express it.

Knowing that you aren't alone can make such a difference in how you handle a situation. It can be a simple challenge or it can be something bigger but at least knowing someone else has gone through it or is going through it can make the load just a little bit easier to handle.

Recently, during “Let's Talk Day”, you saw a lot of people come forward to say “Me Too” and express things, that in the past that they couldn't talk about. Knowing that you aren't alone and there are many people dealing with issues, maybe not the same as yours, but at least dealing with something, helps.

So remember, next time you find you need a little bit of help dealing with an issue, just say something to someone else. You may hear “Me Too” and that will make it easier to face the issue and then you will also know someone that you can talk to when things aren't going as well as you would like them. If you are the person that says “Me Too” you will also have someone that you can talk to. Don't be afraid to speak up about things because there are a lot of people that are willing to listen and to help but you first need to have the voice to say something.

“Me Too” can open a lot of doors and once they are open you could be surprised how things improve.

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